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Discover VJS Global.
Igniting India's export brilliance, with an unwavering commitment to honesty.

Nurturing Integrity and delivering quality with our Indian agricultural products for over six decades!


About Us

VJS Global is an export house dealing in Basmati & Non Basmati Rice, Pulses, Millets, Spices, Nuts, Honey and other agricultural and food products. Staying honest to our vision, we are committed to enable businesses by providing highest grade products, fostering fairness of trade, and ensuring a consistent supply chain to help them sustain in their respective competitive markets.

Our Products


Infuses dishes with a mesmerising blend of vibrant flavors, creating an unforgettable culinary experience.

Basmati Rice

Basmati Rice- VJS Global

known for its exquisite aroma, long slender grains, and distinctive nutty flavor.


Popular for its golden hue, diverse floral notes, and an abundance of natural health benefits.

Pulses & Millets

Pulses VJS Global

Valued as a significant source of protein, essential nutrients & versatile use in diverse dishes.


Nuts - VJS Global

Renowned for its Delicious taste, rich nutritional profile, versatility in various dishes.

The Process

export process - VJS Global
Send us a quotation
Receive a quote
within 24 hours
Complete Sampling
formalities and payments
Review Sample and
complete trade contract
Complete payment as
per trade contract
Initiation of processing
& export standard
packaging as per contract
Receive images of
packaging before shipment
Get export shipment
updates via email
Receive post shipment
update on your email
Complete remaining
payment formalities (if any)
Receive export shipment
documents through bank
or courier

Let's Talk Business

Our office is conveniently located in Naya Bazaar, New Delhi, India. Can’t make it into the office? No worries – Let us help you remotely connect with one of our product specialists.

Office address - VJS Global

Get to know Us


"Having previously worked as an analyst in the US, his path underwent a profound shift from the corporate realm to breathe new life into his family business, transforming it into a global export powerhouse.
He has a heartfelt desire for the world to experience the levels of trade honesty and integrity that defines his family's heritage."

 Sahil Behl, Founder

"We have been dealing with them from the past 8 years. Considering our complex supply chain due to the variety of products we develop, we are always at a lookout for suppliers who could ensure timely deliveries. They have always been supportive in that regard."

- BTW India

Harvest Happiness with VJS, today.

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